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Our Services

Mental Health Skill Building

Mental Health Skill-Building is a person-centered program for adults (21 and older) who suffer from mental illness and lack basic living skills. This service provides training for those individuals as it relates to their health and safety, activities of daily living, etc. Mental Health Skill – Building is intended to enable individuals with mental illnesses to achieve and maintain community stability in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment.

Intensive In-Home

Intensive In-home service interventions are for children and adolescents who have or are at-risk of serious emotional disturbance, including individuals who also have a diagnosis of intellectual disability.

Crisis Stabilization

Crisis Stabilization services involve direct interventions that provide temporary, intensive services and supports that avert emergency, psychiatric hospitalization or institutional placement of individuals who are experiencing serious psychiatric or behavioral problems that jeopardize their current community living situation.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Psychosocial rehabilitation services are collaborative, person directed, and individualized, and an essential element of the human services spectrum. Our team focuses on helping individuals develop skills and access resources needed to increase their capacity to be successful and satisfied in the living, working, learning and social environments of their choice and include a wide continuum of services and supports.